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20 Years of Experience

Thanks for visiting our about us page! Here at Paddleboard Lake Powell we are a dedicated outfitting company that specializes in Paddleboard rentals at Lake Powell and also Kayak rentals at Lake Powell. We have a passion for the outdoors and recreational paddling and we’ve done our best to help that reflect in our business. We have a beautiful shop right off the main boulevard in Page, Arizona, our shop is located at 910 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ 86040. We’ve been happily doing tours and rentals at Lake Powell for several years and are planning on continuing our services for many many years to come. 


We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate large groups of visitors looking to have an amazing experience on the Lake. Our fleet and our employees are our pride and joy. To be able to lead one of our guided kayak tours or one of our guided paddleboard tours our guides must be top notch and pass not only a series of state and federal certifications but also a demanding multiple month training program that Paddleboard Lake Powell requires and built to best exemplify the area its weather and conditions and scenarios that could happen that are unique to our area. We treat every person who chooses to do business with us with the same respect we’d treat a member of our own family. We live by the “Golden Rule” principle which is to treat someone as you would want to be treated. 


The Fleet

We take pride in our fleet of inflatable Paddleboards. Our Paddleboards are the best on the market! They have been tested all over the world with season pros. Our Paddleboards are tough!! Even though they’re easy enough for beginner Paddleboaders to use, they are tough enough to withstand the sandstone beaches of Lake Powell all the way to the rapids of the Colorado River or even the large waves of the ocean. You will not be disappointed in your experience on one of our amazing Paddleboards.


We have been and are just as dedicated kayakers as we are Paddleboarders. The fleet of kayaks that we use have been refined through many years of trial and error with many many different brands, makes and models of kayaks. We have been through the painstaking process of finding the right types of kayaks that are the best to use while kayaking on Lake Powell. Our Lake Powell kayaks come in singles or doubles and are easy to use. Our kayaks have the range to be used comfortably by beginners or seasoned paddlers. One of our favorite past times is to take a few kayaks down to Lees Ferry, about 45 min drive from Page, and catch a backhaul boat ride up to the Glen Canyon Dam for a nice day of floating down the Colorado River and picnicking at the famous Horseshoe bend!


If you come and visit us and you enjoyed your Paddleboard so much that you’d like to take one home with you, then please let us know! We are also a licensed retailer for Sol Paddleboards and would love to get you the friends and family discount on your very own Paddleboard. All our Paddleboard sales come with a 5 year guarantee, a paddle and a 2 way air pump. We can even ship your new Paddleboard directly to your home if you don't have room enough in your vehicle to take it on the rest of your trip or if you've flown in from another State.

Sol Inflatable Paddleboards

Solshine paddleboard_edited_edited.png

We are proud to offer 3 different kinds of inflatable paddleboards. Single, Double and our party board that fits up to six people!

Single Kayaks

Our single sit-on-top kayaks can't be beat for quality and pricing. You are sure to love your paddle adventure with Paddleboard Lake Powell.


Double Kayaks

Our double sit-on-top kayaks can't be beat for quality and pricing. Our double kayaks are a great option for beginners and perfect for paddling trips with space for your cargo. You are sure to love your paddle adventure with Paddleboard Lake Powell.

Image by Rainer Krienke

Our Tour Destinations

We have meticulously designed 3 amazing guided tours that each showcase unique and distinct features of Lake Powell. We have an astonishing Antelope Canyon Tour that highlights a beautiful scenic paddle trip through the massive canyon. You’ll want to bring something to take pictures with because it's like paddling on another planet! At the back of Antelope Canyon paddle we’ll enjoy an exciting hike through the Lower Antelope Canyon. 


Another one of our guided kayak tours, appropriately named “The Dam Kayak Tour” starts off with a beautiful scenic overlook with views of Navajo mountain and Wahweap Bay. We hike down a butte down to a secluded beach where we have kayaks waiting. We then start the kayak under the massive cliffs of the canyon all the way to the massive Glen Canyon Dam. There we will all get a chance to take pictures and listen to your expert guide discuss the building of the Glen Canyon Dam and some area facts.


Our last guided Paddleboard tour and kayak tour is a full day trip up lake to Labyrinth Canyon in our opinion is the best slot canyon on Lake Powell. Yes I'd say even better the Antelope Canyon Slot Canyon Tours. We take your group on a personal motorized boat trip to Labyrinth Canyon where there will be snack and drinks provided. You’ll then go on a short paddle to the slot canyon. You will not want to miss this canyon. It is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. We guarantee it.

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